We were more than pleased with the experience

We did a rough first pass at the house dealing with clothes, papers, jewelry, and other personal items and realized we needed help.  Our family took what they wanted as memories.  Then we used Colorado Country Estate Sales for selling the remaining items.
Mary and her crew spent the first week sorting through everything in the house, garage, and yard.  They crawled into “hidey-holes” where we did not want to go.  Anything that was personal (pictures, papers, etc) was set aside for us to go through.  Everything else was divided into sellable or trash.  Then the sellable items were displayed and photographed.  They spent 2 days pricing and tagging all of the items.  Anything that they were not sure of, they researched on the internet before setting the price.  The sale was advertised online with the photos with various ways of accessing the info.  I found it using “estate sales Denver” as a search, for example.
The sale was four days long from 10 AM to 3 PM.  There was a person who monitored the traffic and controlled the flow especially for the first two days of the sale.  There were 2 registers for checking out.  Only charge cards or cash was accepted. An itemized list was kept at each register of the item sold and price received.  The sale ended on Saturday afternoon.
The following Wednesday morning we met with Mary to settle up.  Mary gave us a summary sheet followed by 7 pages of inventory sold with prices.  She sat with us to go through each sheet making sure we had no questions.  The finale was the check which was several thousand dollars more than we had anticipated even after their fixed percentage was subtracted.
Before entering into the contract with CCES, we interviewed other companies including some who did these types of sales online.  Initially, I thought an online sale would be a good way to go because of the broader coverage.  I discovered that Mary has a following of estate sale fans that extends far beyond the Front Range.  There were people calling from as far away as Oregon and driving here from Castle Rock and Evergreen.  We were more than pleased with the experience and the final results and would highly recommend Colorado Country Estate Sales, who are both bonded and insured.  
C. Casey