Why Estate Sale Consultation?

Planning an estate sale can present a number of challenges for all involved. Whether you’re coordinating dates, times, and other important information with family members in other locations, or simply struggling with the sheer amount of items you’re looking to sell, Colorado Country Estate Sales is here to help you with the planning and execution of your estate sale. When you choose our consultation services for your estate sale, you’ll receive over 25 years of estate sale coordination experience to guide you through each step of the process. Simply, utilizing our estate sale consultation services affords you a clearer understanding of estate sale process, in turn giving you peace of mind that your estate sale will run smoothly.

Estate Sale Consultation

What Does Estate Sale Consultation Involve?
Estate sale consultation and planning involves every aspect of the estate sale process. First, a meeting with Mary will be scheduled, either on the phone or in-person, to better understand your needs and the size of your sale. If you have any specific concerns or questions, these should be addressed during the free consultation, as this helps both parties better understand each other’s role in the estate sale process. Once these aspects have been established, we can then begin to determine each item’s condition and price, as well as discuss dates and deadlines for the start and completion of your sale.

Begin Planning For Your Estate Sale Today
We understand you have many concerns when it comes to planning your estate sale — especially when you’re facing a strict deadline. That’s why it’s highly important that you begin planning your estate sale as soon as possible. While this can be overwhelming, know that we’re here to help. We are your local estate sale finder in Colorado. Contact us for a free estimate.