Why Host a Moving Sale?

It might sound like an obvious question, but often when people move, they bring each and every possession with them. While we understand many of our possessions are dear to us, many items are no longer used, outdated, or you no longer have use for them. Although you might not realize it, you’ve been sitting on a potential gold mine for months. Moving sales often afford homeowners and renters alike the opportunity to turn pre-loved household furniture, works of art, appliances and more into funds for moving, or simply adding to your bank account.


Tips and Hints for Hosting a Productive Moving Sale

  • Get Organized – Arranging your items much like you’d find in a clothing or department store gives potential buyers the feel of shopping for new items
  • Get the Word Out – Advertising your sale (especially on our website) increases your potential profitability, and shows those interested you’re dedicated to hosting a well-run sale
  • Get Moving – Don’t wait around to get your goods out. In the day(s) leading up to your sale, make sure every items has a price tag, is in its respective place, and ready for inevitable early birds


Why Colorado Country Estate Sales?

Hosting a moving sale can often be an arduous task; sifting through several years’ worth of clothing, appliances, toys, and other common household items takes time and care. Colorado Country Estate Sales understands the stress associated with organizing a moving sale, as well as the time invested to keep the sale running smoothly. With over 25 years in organizing, promoting, and executing moving sales and many other forms of large, local estate sales, Colorado Country Estate Sales is well-poised to ensure that you’re moving sale is treated with the utmost care and professionalism. Reach out to Colorado Country Sales today to begin planning your moving sale.


We are based in Denver, but host sales anywhere along the Front Range.