Just What Is A Liquidation Sale?

A liquidation sale is quite similar to an estate sale, or a deceased estate sale. However, during a liquidation sale, the reason for selling a home and its land, auxiliary buildings, and other fixtures could be one among many. For some, liquidating assets is a joyous experience, as the cash influx from the sale goes towards a new home, a vacation, a child’s college education, or a new business endeavor. For most, however, a liquidation sale can be an emotionally strenuous time. Colorado Country Estate Sales understands this, and treats each liquidation and foreclosure sale with the utmost client-focused care and professionalism.


What’s the Difference Between An Estate Sale and A Liquidation Sale?

While there are many overlapping traits between estate sales (or deceased estate sales) and liquidation sales, the two diverge wholly at their respective cores. During an estate sale, the seller’s assets, including the home, garage, and lawn are liquidated. Simply, assets become cash once sold. During a liquidation sale, the aforementioned items are often listed as well. However, many liquidation sales offer potential buyers the opportunity to purchase:

  • The contents of a safe deposit box and/or exceedingly valuable family heirlooms
  • Transportation including cars, trucks, motorhomes and RVs, boats, and others
  • Large animals, such as livestock
  • Farming and agricultural equipment
  • Many, many more items unique to each liquidation sale


Let Colorado Country Estate Sales Orchestrate Your Liquidation Sale

For each step of your liquidation or foreclosure sale, Colorado Country Estate Sales will assist you, affording you peace of mind during the event. Are you ready begin your liquidation sale process? If you’re planning or could be expecting a liquidation sale, don’t hesitate to contact Colorado Country Estate Sales.


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