1. How Do Denver’s Estate Sale Prices Compare To Brand New Items?

    The beauty of the estate sale is that it lies in the eyes of both buyer and seller. Estate sales in Denver are a place for folks to sell the belongings from an entire home and a place for Denver residents to buy beautiful pieces at a discounted price. While these prices generally aren’t going to be as cheap as a thrift store or a garage sale, the prices are fair for the worth of the item - espec…Read More

  2. What Can An Estate Sale Host Do For Me?

    If you need a professional estate sale host, you’ve come to the right place. We provide estate sale services that are far more likely to earn you money for your goods, and we make the whole fiasco simple and timely. Beyond that, there are numerous reasons why you ought to consider utilizing our representative services in advertising for your upcoming estate sale… We Know The Stress of An Estat…Read More

  3. Now is the Time to Schedule Your Fall Sale

    With August now here, summer will soon be winding down and with vacations ending and school years starting, people's lives will become much busier once fall arrives. If you've been thinking about having an estate sale, simply because it's time to get rid of things you no longer use, or things that have been sitting for many years, contact Colorado Country Estate Sales today. With our estate sale s…Read More

  4. Find Furniture, Power Tools, and More on Our Sales

    When you move into a new house, you often spend a few weeks arranging things and settling into your new surroundings. If you came from another state, you may have sold several large items before you left and donated certain items that you didn't want to bring with you. If you sold some of your furniture, you might be looking to find new chairs and tables at a local thrift store, or you might be pe…Read More

  5. Take Time This Summer To Discuss Our Estate Sale Services

    Even though summer is still over a week away, it’s never too early to begin planning the estate sale that you’ve been putting off for a few months now. At Colorado Country Estate Sales, we understand that having a summer sale takes a lot of time and effort, and our estate sales services are designed  to take the stress off of your shoulders. Even if you don’t plan to have your sale during t…Read More

  6. You Can Find Your New Vehicle at a Denver Estate Sale!

    At Colorado Country Estate Sales, we’ve seen all kinds of items throughout our 20+ years of estate sales services. Antique furniture, bedroom sets, and baseball card collections are just a few of the categories that we’ve advertised when setting up an estate sale. We’ve helped families take care of a loved one’s estate, as well as aided those that are planning to move and downsize before r…Read More

  7. Planning a Summer Sale? Call Today!

    With over 20 years of estate sale experience, Colorado Country Estate Sales has seen many unique items come up for sale and very satisfied buyers take those items home with them. We’ve also seen an uptick in sales and estate events during the summer months, as families take time off to liquidate a relative’s estate, or plan their own sale before moving to a new home or new state. Whatever the …Read More

  8. Our Estate Sale Services Can Help You Stay Organized

    When a customer contacts us for estate sales services in the Denver area, we begin right away on setting up the details of their sale. Time may be an issue and even if it's not, we know that getting a good start on your estate sale can be the difference between a good sale and a great sale. We'll talk with you about the location, the items up for sale, and the schedule you would like to have for y…Read More

  9. We’re Currently Hosting an Estate Sale in Denver and Another is Soon to Follow!

    At Colorado Country Estate Sales, we're always excited about our current and upcoming sales. When the first day arrives, we put all of our energy and effort into making sure the sale goes off without a hitch. We're currently finishing up a sale in Erie, and will soon have another estate sale in Denver for people to attend. We're always meticulous about listing everything that will be available on …Read More

  10. Antiques and One-of-a-Kind Items at Our Denver Estate Sales

    At Colorado Country Estate Sales, we love seeing how every estate sale that we organize and host comes together in the end. We know that each sale is unique, and that the items on the sale list can be just as unique or rare. Our Denver estate sales are designed to provide the client with the peace of mind that their belongings are being properly handled, and for the buyer, that they have access to…Read More