Many estate sale attendees are on the hunt for antique and vintage furniture and decor, but there is more to see at the typical estate sale than a 1960s chair and antique jewelry. Even if you don’t claim to be a collector, you can still find all kinds of treasures at a Denver estate sale. Like thrift and consignment shops, estate sales often include many useful everyday items listed at affordable prices.

Be Sure To Check Out These Estate Sale Treasures

Certain Large Furnishingsdresser

Certain pieces of furniture are ideal to hunt for at estate sales in order to get the best quality for the lowest price. When you go out and buy an inexpensive bookshelf these days, it is often not especially solid. In contrast, estate sales can include affordable solid wood furnishings such as shelves, desks, tables, and bureaus that are higher quality and no more expensive.

Silverware & Dishwarefork

Not cheap at the typical stores, silverware is a great item to search for at an estate sale. New silverware from stores like Target can be a bit too pricey, but estate sales often include entire sets at affordable prices. Dishware, too, can be found at estate sales at low prices whether it’s fine china or melamine plastic.

Tablecloths & Towelscloth

Bring a touch of elegance to your dining table with a new table cloth. These are great to have around for the next time you host a holiday dinner. Things such towels and washrags are also very affordable at estate sales. Sometimes, you’ll even find such items in their original packings.

Remember to snag these treasures next time you attend a Denver estate sale. For the current sale at Colorado Country Estate Sales, our trusted Denver estate sale company, visit our current sale page.