1. Put Extra Money in Your Pocket With a Moving Sale

    Moving is never an easy process. In addition to the stress of having to find a new home, packing, and cleaning, if you are trying to downsize you need to find a way to get rid of things that you no longer need. While you could donate your items or try to list these items online in order to sell them on your own, chances are good that during a move you won’t have the time, or the energy, to make …Read More

  2. Tips For a Drama-Free Estate Sale

    Hosting an estate sale comes with many responsibilities from sorting and pricing items to everything else that goes into a successful estate sale, but one of the most difficult things to do is keep everyone happy throughout the process. You can measure the success of an estate sale in many different ways besides profits made, such as how much or little drama took place. Keep the following tips in …Read More

  3. Why Host a Winter Estate Sale?

    For most, hosting an estate or moving sale during Colorado’s cold winter season may seem like a mistake, but there’s more to this chilly season that just the cold and the snow. It may seem more intuitive to host estate sales in the summer, but before you decide to wait for the warmer months, consider the following reasons why you should host your estate sale during the winter Why Host a Winter…Read More

  4. Make Downsizing Easy With an Estate Sale

    Households may decide to downsize for a wide variety of reasons. Some homeowners dream of spending less time cleaning and maintaining their homes, others long for a more intimate space to bring their families closer together, and still others just have too much unused space. Whether you’ve decided to move into a smaller house for one of these reasons, in order to free yourself from a significant…Read More

  5. 3 Reasons To Shop Estate Sales

    If you’ve never shopped an estate sale before, you may be hesitant. After all, isn’t the sale focused around the deceased’s belongings? Usually, yes, this is the case, but don’t let that deter you. Shopping estate sales can be one of the best shopping methods when it comes to making discoveries, meeting new people, and staying on budget. Why Shop Estate Sales? Make Surprising Finds History…Read More

  6. Purge Extra Belongings Before Your Move

    Are you preparing for a move? Relocating is both an exciting as well as a stressful time for any household, but the nerves only worsen the more stuff you have to worry about relocating along with you. Is your attic, garage, shed, or storage unit full of various belongings? If you’ve lived in your home for more than a decade, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff. Why …Read More

  7. Don’t Ignore These Estate Sale Treasures

    Many estate sale attendees are on the hunt for antique and vintage furniture and decor, but there is more to see at the typical estate sale than a 1960s chair and antique jewelry. Even if you don’t claim to be a collector, you can still find all kinds of treasures at a Denver estate sale. Like thrift and consignment shops, estate sales often include many useful everyday items listed at affordabl…Read More

  8. Kick Off Your Retirement With An Estate Sale

    Downsizing is a natural step to take when preparing for retirement. Retirees deserve to spend their time doing all of the things the 40-hour work week had prevented until this point, but many continue to spend a lot of time and money maintaining large, cluttered homes. If you’re retiring soon or have already retired and are ready to downsize, then you should consider having an estate sale. One o…Read More

  9. 3 Reasons to Choose Professional Estate Sale Companies

    Many people consider doing their own estate sales in Denver. They think it's like a big garage sale, and that by taking on the work themselves they can end up pocketing more of a profit in the end. That simply isn't true. We have three great reasons you should hire a professional company to handle your estate sale: You'll actually make more money. Sure, there is a commission fee. But that fee give…Read More

  10. Antiques Make A Great Holiday Gift

    Shopping for holiday gifts can be tiresome and troublesome, especially if the person on your list seems to have everything that’s popular right now. Finding the perfect gift becomes troublesome because it is a task of narrowing down what the recipient needs and selecting something that they’ll truly enjoy. Shopping becomes tiresome when you wander from store to store and just can’t find the …Read More